Thursday, December 27

Gigya: the widget distribution network

This is simplest form of social widget which forms of multi social network like myspace, friendster, blogger, pageflakes, orkut, tagged, hi5, Facebook, Livespace, Wordpress, Typepad, iGoogle and many more.

Gigya provides its partners with the Wildfire tools. Each of these tools may substantially increase your viral distribution. The Wildfire tools are easy to integrate within any webpage, fully customizable and are free to use.

The widget can be customize through HTML or actionscript. You also be able to change background image, height, width, etc. The best thing about gigya is there are reports for this widget that you can use for analysis. Here is the list of type of report after you embed gigya onto your website

  1. Posts – number of times a widget was posted

  2. Wildfire loads – the number of times the Quick Posting interface was loaded.

  3. Posts / loads – the ratio between the Quick Posting interface loads and number of posts.

  4. Impressions in profile – the number of times your widgets were viewed on the pages they were posted on. Note: Facebook does not allow for measuring impressions of widgets on the user profile.

  5. Stickiness – the ratio between daily profile impressions and daily posts. Higher numbers suggest widgets stays longer on page.Please note that this measure becomes relevant only after a while.

  6. Posts by Social Network – The number of posts per social network for the entire chosen date rate.

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