Thursday, March 27

Widgetbox: Convert anything into your widget

Widgetbox helps people express, connect, create and inform using web widgets that can be easily shared and distributed anywhere on the web. Our community of tens of thousands of widget makers and over 30 million widget users is growing every day. Widgetbox widgets have been on hundreds of thousands of websites. And, best of all, Widgetbox is free!

What are web widgets?
Web widgets are portable chunks of the Web that can be easily embedded into a webpage. Use them to get news, information, entertainment, decoration, or whatever else you can think of for your blog, profile page, personal home page, or web site.
You can be assured that your privacy and security are our top priority. We provide an extra security layer around all of our widgets to prevent viruses and other attacks. We built this security layer because your privacy is important to us and we want you to use our widgets without worry.

Tuesday, March 25

Yahoo Pipes mashups Everywhere

Introducing - Pipes badges!

The team currently released three types of badges - map, image and list. Map badges are available if there is geocoded data in the feed. Image badges are available if there are media images in the feed. List badges will always be present if there is valid data.

If you want more updates on yahoo pipes, subscribe my friendfeed. There's a bunch of useful info

Tuesday, March 11


PhotoSlice™ is a FREE web tool for your online images. It's very easy to use, it's crossbrowser and it looks very cool. To make a better idea read the following.

works on

  • - Camino 1.5 (Mac)
  • - Epiphany (Linux)
  • - Firefox 1.5 (Windows)
  • - Firefox 2 (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • - Flock 1 (Windows)
  • - Galeon 2 (Linux)
  • - Internet Exporer 5.0 (Windows) - without fade effects, unsupported by browser
  • - Internet Exporer 5.5 (Windows)
  • - Internet Exporer 6 (Windows)
  • - Internet Explorer 7 (Windows)
  • - Opera 9.2 (Mac, Windows)
  • - Safari 3 (Mac, Windows)
  • - SeaMonkey 1.1 (Windows)
  • - works even on iPhone :)

Wednesday, March 5

VB & ASP: Data type mismatch in criteria expression

If you set your field in database as autonumber or integer, you shouldn't state your SQL statement like this:

sql="DELETE from customer WHERE nummer='" & blablabla & "'"

and suppose to be like this

sql="DELETE from customer WHERE nummer=" & blablabla

number is a variable to store a number from form or QueryString for instance... this SQL query need to work...


phpThumb() uses the GD library to create thumbnails from images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc) on the fly. The output size is configurable (can be larger or smaller than the source), and the source may be the entire image or only a portion of the original image. True color and resampling is used if GD v2.0+ is available, otherwise paletted-color and nearest-neighbour resizing is used

Licence: pTCL (phpThumb Commercial License)