Tuesday, August 28

Using 12CropImage 2

It's a sigh for me to have this tool because no more support provided for this plugin since December of 2006. This plugin supports for image upload, resize as well as crop. No big issue during the installation of this plugin. But still manage to tweak to suit to my concept and theme.

Tuesday, August 21

Ajax Spell Checker

Currently am using spellingcow to check spelling error on any html textarea in a page. Prior to this, I've used ajax-spell checker to kick out all the spelling cow ads. But spellingcow still great at this time because it only require developer to add only one line code. But I still can't figure out how to enable spelling cow works on text input. So am still struggling to digg out the code of ajax-spell to make it works on my application

Wednesday, August 8

Create phpSiteMap and send it to gooooogle

After publish several websites, I need something that can automate the creation of sitemap.

phpSitemapNG let you create sitemap files in different formats as e.g. the xml-based Google Sitemaps format, RSS, txt or html-based. It will spider your website and also your filesystem (of course, as you prefer). You can download and use it for free, the licence is GPL.

This tool will crawl the specified directory and later will tell google to read the sitemap to genarate sitelink on google search result