Tuesday, July 22

MSSQL: The log file for database is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.

Within the MS SQL Query Analyzer, do this:

I encountered the error when try to perform DTS. Here the solution.

backup log db_name with truncate_only
dbcc shrinkfile (db_name_log,0)

Make sure you choose the database that you want to shrink

Tuesday, July 8

Firefox Panic Extension to save you while browsing

Are you afraid that one of these days your boss is going to catch you while you're browsing the websites on firefox? There's a solution for this. Panic is [firefox extension] like the perfect boss key for Firefox. It will not just prevent you from getting into an embarrassing situation but boss may even leave your office cubicle totally impressed. It is called the Panic extension because it will save your butt just in case the boss sneaks up on you.

To give boss an impression that you weren’t wasting time, you can configure Panic to replace all open tabs with a single work-related website like your company’s intranet homepage or any other web page.

Credit: Close All Websites in Firefox Before Boss Approaches the Cubicle

Thursday, July 3

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ldap_connect()

I configured wordpress with LDAP to enable my user to login to wordpress with their exchange Id. But fail to enable it at first.

add php_ldap.dll to your php.ini file.

Alternative to Adsense: Ads for Adobe PDF

Ads for PDF program from Adobe is a good opportunity for bloggers & other content publishers to monetize content via PDF files.

Follow these steps to get started with the Ads for Adobe PDF beta:

  1. View the demo above and check out the sample screenshot.
  2. Review the Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Apply to participate in the beta program

    Although this beta is available only to a limited number of qualified publishers who apply for the program, we are looking forward to gradually allowing more users into the program over time. Participation in the beta program is governed by the Ads for Adobe PDF Terms of Service and the Yahoo! Publisher Network Terms and Conditions.

  4. Ask questions and share your feedback in the Ads for Adobe PDF discussion forum

    Please note that your submission of comments, ideas, feature requests and techniques on this and other Adobe maintained forums, as well as Adobe's right to use such materials, is governed by the Terms of Use.