Tuesday, December 4

Gadgets for quick web development

Web Gadgets are something what most new developer loves to seek. And there are a lot of such services offered on the web. Google centralized and hubs a lot of gadgets (currently is 27790). These gadgets will help to increase the interactivity of website and add up some usefulness. But most of this gadgets are focused for quick personal web development. It seems google is another service of facebook, which host a lot of application to be used by facebook user. But google wants more developer to develop gadgets and host it with google. Developer will find games, communication, SMS service, Stock updates and more

Here is a list some of available gadgets that I found useful

  1. Mini Web
    What's my IP address, ISP, country, proxy


    Official Google Mini Search Gadget
  2. Today in History
  3. Free Sudoku Puzzles
  4. Babelfish
    US Traffic Information
  5. Free Text Message
    Bush Quote Generator
  6. Beauty Tip of the Day
  7. Search Answers.com
  8. UPS Package Tracking

For Blogger user, just copy the javascript given, and paste it in the element you want.

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