Thursday, January 24

GUI for FTP with non-windows platform

I used to use WINDOWS Command Prompt to transfer file in command mode rather than GUI. Using Command Line Interface (CLI) to FTP non-WINDOWS system could be little confusing and requires long time to get along with the method. Here quick refresh on how to use GUI with WRQ Reflection X to transfer files by using drag and drop method. This is non-free program but it's worth to spend for.

Currently I'm using version 8.0.2.

This screen shows you the initial screen after you click on FTP Client from your program list. Select the available host if any. Otherwise, just create a new FTP site by clicking NEW button. At this screen, I'm connecting to AIX platform. Once you click connect, you'll see lots of folder on the right pane. This pane represents your FTP site and on the left pane is your computer folder structure.

As you can see, I can have the same function as my WINDOWS XP system. I can zip the files on my FTP site (AIX platform). And also perform several other functions. Click the image for larger image. From here you are allowed to drag file or files from right pane to the left pane or vice versa. You'll be prompt to transfer in binary mode or others. Have a nice try on this.

Open Source Job Board for Commercial Applications

jobberBase is an open source job board software extracted from the successful Romanian IT job board The design of jobberBase is very clean, simple and easy to use. It has some popular features of modern job boards which includes Post jobs without an account, Search for jobs, Apply to jobs, RSS feeds of latest jobs and Site-widget which can be places on other websites for displaying current jobs.

Most importantly, You can use jobberBase free of charge, for anything you like (including commercial applications). You only need to keep the copyright and license remarks.

But I figured out that there is one drawback. User have to post the job under specied category as display on tab. So if you to post other jobs too, the solution would be if you specified "Other" category to let user to post other kind of job. I'm still looking company who have implemented this software for their needs. Am hoping the documentation team will guide the developer to extend the functionality of this software.

Wednesday, January 9

Clicky Web Statistics 2.0

If you're finding more from website information, visit Clicky and register. Clicky gives you more information.

The best thing is users are presented data by TagCloud. You also be able to spy your website and see what's your website potential. Clicky also are intergrated with google maps which let you to see where your visitor comes from. You can earn cash with clicky. Click here for more