Thursday, May 4

Nice guide to Web Development Process

The photo was actually one in a whole series of photos I shot for a client
presentation, detailing the website design / development process in a manner
that was easily understandable and also fun to look at. This article takes you
through that process, using the same photos. We hope you enjoy the pictures and
if it also helps you to manage your workflow better if you are starting out as a
web designer then that’s cool too :)
I've been looking for more raw information on web development process and was accidentally stumbled on PingMag through wired's page. This nice presentation gives full overview on how the (general) process done but it has been altered in a way the client could easily understand. This is informative explanation, provide professional way to detailing the process for the client and definitely useful for (beginner) web designer.

Never heard anything abt this website. But after a few visit, I really like the way they design the page and the layout is pleasant to the eye. The articles archived on this website generally talked abt the design, art and more but mostly are abt the design.