Monday, May 31

clever way out

"One day, I'll be old and won't be strong any more."

"Oh, just for one day though?"

Wednesday, May 12

Saturday, May 1


At my working place, I've been working as user liaison for system-related matters. We use traditional ways if a user wants to issue a problem log to my dept. As MBSB is moving to be a bank, we improvise our network as well as the work culture.

Currently, I'm looking into on how can we improvise communication process with end-user. The process is simple but it takes time for user to reach IT dept. To solve this, I chose osTicket to serve the purpose.

osTicket has all the requirements that I think I can adopt it into MBSB culture. I have set everything like department, managers, staffs, and system parameters. But there is one feature fail to meet the requirements.

If a manager log in as manager, he will be able to look all the ticket submitted. How do I limit the view according to his dept. Thank you