Friday, July 13

Call to undefined function: mssql_connect() on IIS

I check my php.ini setting but the mssql function doesn't appear. So follow this step to make it working
  1. Edit your php.ini file and uncomment (remove the semicolon from) the following line of code. If this line is missing in your php.ini, you must manually add it in:

  2. The php_mssql.dll file can be obtained in the PHP downloads for Win32. You must make sure that you place the dll in both the /extensions and /WINNT/system32 folder.

  3. Restart the Web server.

But I still can't make my application sucessfully connect to MSSQL 7.0. I configured SQL Server Client Network Utility and enable the TCP/IP.

And I test

Test SQL Server's connections: You can verify that SQL Server is accepting
connections using telnet. In a command window, type the following:telnet 1433If you get an error message such as "Could not open a connection to host on port 1433: Connect Failed…" then you should open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager and check the server and port setting. This problem can also be caused by a firewall or if the SQL Server service has been stopped unexpectedly. If you get a blank screen, it means that SQL Server is accepting incoming connections.

Ok...I get the blank screen and that's mean the connection is ready on port 1433

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