Wednesday, July 8

Highcharts boosts with HTML5 canvas?

Highchart's team just release a new module to boost the performance of current Highcharts (named boost.js). I was glad to hear about this and decide to experiment with it tomorrow. Last year I have been working on a project and I just couldn't get it right when visualizing data using Highchart. The size of data is too huge and the browser was having some difficulty when rendering the chart. What I did was make the Highchart asynchorounously get the data and plot it on the screen. It can draw on the screen but it just can't interact with user input nicely. I already suspect when using SVG heavily, it can cause a burden to browser but they said this time they just use HTML5 canvas. Sounds promising. 

My first impression when try use Safari on Ipad is bad. The browser hang as well as my Ipad. It reload few times to reinitialize. 

I really hope there will be some improvement ahead on the browser part. Now browser not only meant to display information such as text, photos and videos but most importantly the ability to see graph. Insya Allah.

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