Monday, July 9

Using Swift Mailer for Effective PHP mailing

Many newbie in PHP programming when starting to send email from php using php native email function may find it hard to configure to send a simple email. But I have found another way by using classes from swift mailer. Luckily it's free.

It has all the basic function including attachment, send batch email, send mass email, HTML email, and HTML/plain email. Yet, I haven't fully explored all the other features.

Another interesting is, Swift mailer handle basic email checking. That means, when you send out using batch send, it can check every email address provided and you'll be able to list those email.

Swift supports event-driven plugins which offer you the opportunity to really take control of the library and set this mailer apart from everything else that's out there. Over time, and from previous versions, the library has been steadily refactored and is now usable for more than just the blind sending of emails. It can compose RFC 2822 compliant messages for use elsewhere too. I'm looking at offering the reverse and parsing real emails into the message object format used in the library.
This one is another features I haven't yet explored and maximise the potential of this classes. I'm hoping if someone out there could share with me what can be done and achieve this Swift Mailer

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