Monday, February 25

Wordpress as company's intranet

Recently I used wordpress for my company intranet. The intranet suppose to be like a central for everything (portal or hub) and be used by all the staff across all branches. I have enough experience with it and it was really nice. Wordpress serves my reader well and so with the editor and author. My editor and author can write as many post and pages as they want.

There are several plugin I used for this intranet

  1. easy-annoucement - The website only explained on how to adjust the permission of the file on LINUX. As for Windows User, you also be able to set the permission by adding IUSR_blabla to full access. This IUSR account is internet account to let your user do the manipulation on your file
  2. Democracy Poll
  3. Roles & Capabilities

As for layout I used facebook-theme from Foxinni.

It seems all these (plugin and theme) will form the wordpress to be a portal.

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