Wednesday, September 26

MD5 equal to hash function in ColdFusion

I have an application and it requires login to enter the application. Due to all the passwords were hash in coldfusion, I can't see how to read/compare a password sent in php to match with the database value.

Luckily, MD5 of PHP can cater this job. MD5 also hash the password and the value is the same as coldfusion's hash.

Monday, September 24

PHP DIRECTOR - Your Open Source Video Gallery

I stumbled upon this open source video gallery while looking for php video upload script. But can't find one and found this. If you plan to start your own youtube, you may want to try this.

PHP Director does not allow user to upload video, but it lets user to paste the URL of video clips from youtube. After submit the video to PHP Director, the application will retrieve all the thumbnail available from youtube. And user can start to name it and give some description of the video.

Thursday, September 6

Exploring CFlickr

CFlickr does not involve intensive XML as I still have much to ponder on it. I have experimented the example shown and manipulate it the way I want it with coldfusion.

Knowledge gained:
  1. Display photos (including the private photos)
  2. allow photo to be commented
  3. Display photo not in set
  4. Display photo set
  5. Upload photo to Flickr